It always pays to count the cost. I recently visited Mumbai, India, for a short time while our mission team spent almost two weeks in South India. I was immediately taken aback by the squalor the people face each day. More importantly, I realized they are spiritually impoverished.

Eight teens from our Christian school traveled with our mission team and distributed 1,400 wordless books to the poor children of India – a memory which will forever be etched in their impressionable minds.

One of the most vital components to a dynamic missions program is visiting the field. It is one thing to support missions financially and quite another to witness those dollars at work.
I strongly encourage every believer to consider taking a mission trip sometime in his or her life. It’s worth every cent because it produces a clear vision of the intense need for the gospel. And it might just change your life.

Count the cost. The economic investment will yield dividends both for the native country, and for your personal walk with God. Start saving your pennies for a priceless trip which will open your eyes to the world’s need for the gospel.

Article by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.