Have you ever experienced the difficulty of attempting to cover all your bases only to find you don’t even know where to begin? Andrew has.

After spending years lost in confusion, Andrew from Tennessee finally called into Victory In Grace. He had watched preacher after preacher on TV. He had done everything they had said, yet he felt emptier than he had before.

Desperate to feel assurance of salvation, Andrew was baptized, twice. He was relying on works to save him—but how many would make him good enough?

Thankfully, Jim, one of our operators, was able to share with Andrew the life-altering truth for which he had been searching. Jim explained salvation could not be merited by good works. It is by God’s grace alone. All that is required is trusting in Christ’s shed blood on the cross as the full, eternal payment for our sins.

For the first time, Andrew understood salvation. All the unclear terminology he had heard in the past was replaced by the freedom of the truth. When he  finished speaking with Jim, Andrew said, “I get it. Jesus paid the price!”

Andrew no longer worries about covering all his bases by believing in good works for salvation. He is covered by the redemptive blood of Christ. Now Andrew knows for sure he’s saved and Heaven-bound.

Please continue to pray for our Victory In Grace volunteers as they share the gospel with those who call in after the programs by Dr. Scudder and Pastor Jim.