Today’s Scripture: Then the king went to his palace, and passed the night fasting: neither were instruments of musick brought before him: and his sleep went from him. Daniel 6:18

Imagine you are Daniel. You hear a decree that prohibits you from praying to anyone except for the king, whom you already know very well and have a good report with. You have a habit of always praying toward the Temple three times a day. Now you have a choice. You can save your life by just praying to God without anyone knowing you are praying to Him, or continue your habit and be thrown into the den of lions.

You can still pray and not get in trouble, right? Well, it isn’t that easy. If you give the appearance that you have ceased praying, then people will think that you care more about man’s laws than about God. If you do that, opportunities to share about the God of the Scriptures to several people, including Darius, will all close.

You decide to keep doing as you have done before. You get arrested, and not even the king can save you. You are tossed in the lions’ den. They seal the entrance, and you find yourself in darkness with multiple lions. How would your night be?

We know Darius’ night was terrible. He couldn’t sleep, and he felt guilty for an innocent man’s life. He fasted and didn’t listen to any music. It was the worst night of his life.

I wonder what Daniel’s night was like. It wouldn’t take long before Daniel realized that God was protecting him from the lions. I wonder if he got the courage to pet the lions. Was he laughing, did he ever sleep, or was he wide awake in awe of the miracle he was experiencing?

I imagine he was singing praises to God in the lion’s den. This is ironic because Darius couldn’t listen to music in his bed. The Christian life is not easy. But as we see in this story, you are much better off inside a lions’ den within God’s will, than in bed outside of it.

Devotional by Jim Scudder Jr.