Adam and Lauren Reyes enjoy watching God’s perfect plan unfold in their lives.

The couple met while attending high school at Quentin Road Christian School, but it was not until college that the Lord brought them together. Now happily married, they have been blessed with the addition of Bailey, their four-month-old daughter.

While in college, Adam worked in the Victory In Grace print shop, preached at the Pacific Garden Mission, and served as a Victory In Grace phone operator. He also helped lead a youth group in Wisconsin. Adam graduated from Dayspring in 2010 and is currently serving the Lord as a supervisor in the Christian school.

Lauren has worked for the Quentin Road Bible Baptist Church since the age of 15. While in college, she served in the church’s Christian preschool as a helper and head teacher. Lauren graduated in 2008 and now works full-time in the church office.

Adam and Lauren shared about their college experience,

Dayspring has given us a very well-rounded education. We know it has equipped us for whatever future God has planned for us.

Dayspring taught us to live for eternity rather than the present. Most importantly, it has given us confidence in how to give the clear gospel.

Please keep Adam and Lauren in prayer as they continue to make a difference for the cause of Christ.


Article by Stephanie Scialabba