Have you had enough of the people who want to wish you “happy holidays” and “season’s greetings”? Many Christians see these phrases as an attempt by the world to secularize Christmas. While it’s true many businesses use these terms to avoid controversy and be politically correct, the real cause of the anti-“Christ-in-Christmas” campaign may be in the mirror. One clergyman said this:

For Christians it is unthinkable to have a world without Jesus, yet too many of us go on as though He never existed.

If we truly believe in God coming in flesh, Christian energies must move away from fear of the world to care and concern for one another, making others’ needs our own. . . .

If that truly became the reality, we would not have to worry about anyone taking Christ out of Christmas. Our celebration of the coming of Jesus would be in our everyday actions, in our everyday words, in our everyday lives; and the world would know what it is we believe and what it is we are about.

There’s a great deal of truth in this man’s words. Who could possibly be guiltier of forgetting the real meaning of Christmas than the ones who claim to cherish the tradition the most? Many Christians say they believe Christ came to the world as evidence of God’s love, but do little to show this love to others. We are just like others who overspend, overeat, fight, push, honk, or get upset during this time of year because we are being controlled by the pressures around us. A Christian should live with the same joy and peace Christ brought to the world, every day. If we don’t, then why should anyone celebrate Christmas?

Christmas is more than a holiday. It is a way of life. Let’s live so the world sees our celebration of Jesus’ coming in the way we respond to long check-out lines, crowded parking lots, and inconsiderate people. We want people to see Christ’s peace on our faces even when we are told an item on our shopping list is out of stock. Then we will keep Christ in Christmas forever.

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder