Riches. Reputation. Higher learning. Scientific prowess. They had it all. Yet when the distinguished Magi were in the presence of the King of Kings packaged in the body of a young infant, they fell down prostrate. Such a gesture was intended to express reverence to a great person. Had they forgotten who they were? Were they not great men themselves? Did they have a mental lapse which caused them to forget their respected social status? No.

These men did not stop here. When the Magi rose to their feet, they brought the finest of gifts to the infant king: gold, frankincense, and myrrh. They spared no expense to honor Jesus. Casting the robes of their wealth and position at His feet, they humbly acknowledged His greatness. In Christ’s presence, they could cherish no pride or vanity.

Whether the Magi understood Christ’s significance or not is uncertain. Nevertheless, from their story we find another great Christmas truth: no one is too great to bow before Christ. There is no such thing as a “white-collar Christmas.” The holiday is no respecter of persons. Jesus came to save everyone in the world, from the most powerful world leader, to the wealthiest aristocrat, to the most talented sports star, to the most gifted musician. Regardless of our social status, those of us who know why Christ came should be the first to humble ourselves and bow the knee.

Christmas should be a time when we forget about ourselves and concentrate upon Jesus, but this is seldom the case. Instead, self plays an all-too-prominent role in the season. Thus we push the Christ child from the manger and rob Him of the gifts He deserves. This year, before you check off the items on your list, ask yourself what you have given to Jesus. Resolve to make Him the center of your celebration, for no one is too great to bow before Him.

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.