Wouldn’t you like to be debt-free this Christmas? This wish became a reality for the employees of a large company managed by a wealthy businessman. The employees were financially indebted to their manager because he had generously provided loans as they had need. The manager wanted his employees to repay their outstanding debts, but also wanted to show them grace. So he announced that on the following Thursday from 11am to noon, anyone who came to his office and explained their debt situation would be forgiven.

The employees couldn’t believe it. There was no way their boss would offer such a pardon, they thought. The next Thursday, the clock struck 11. Nobody showed up at the manager’s office. While everyone else ridiculed the boss’s invitation, one employee decided to see if it was true. At 11:45, he knocked and walked into the office. The manager asked how much the man owed and wrote his name and the amount on a white slip, signed it, and added the words, “PAID IN FULL”.

The employee wanted to tell the others about his pardon, but the manager said, “Would you please wait until noon before you tell them? I want them to know my word is true because I said it, not because you told them so.”

At noon, the man rushed out of the manager’s office with his pardon in hand. The other employees saw it and hurried to the manager’s door, but it was locked. They had waited too long.

Did you know you have been given the right to a pardon for your sin debt? While there is no limit to the supply of this gift, it is available for a limited time only (your lifetime). If you choose to accept it, you can receive complete and unconditional forgiveness for all of your sins through the satisfactory payment made by Christ’s death and shed blood on the cross. Your debt can be paid in full.

Put your trust in Christ today. He’ll clean your slate . . . if you’re not late.

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The devil’s favorite tool is tricking people to put things off. Outsmart him. Do it now. — Unknown Author

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.