You haven’t experienced fruit until you’ve had an UGLI®. But if you took one look at the fruit, you would understand how it earned its name—and why you won’t find it in most Christmas catalogs. UGLI® fruit is the registered trademark of tangelos imported from Jamaica by the Cabel Hall Citrus Company, Ltd. A tangelo is a hybrid, a cross between an orange, a grapefruit, and a tangerine.

On the UGLI® website, Cabel Hall Citrus encourages guests, “When buying the UGLI® brand of tangelos do not be misled by their appearance; you will love their sweet and tangy flavor.” Then the company throws in the tag line: “The affliction is only skin-deep, so the beauty is in the eating.”™

Those who trust in the works of the law for salvation will find that its beauty is only skin-deep, and affliction is in the eating. This fruit is ugly to the core. On the surface, the works of the law are appealing. They present a performance-based means of obtaining favor from God. The problem lies at the core: our works are detestable in God’s eyes. They cannot be trusted for salvation.

The fruit of grace stands in sharp contrast to the rotten fruit of works-based salvation. Grace is bittersweet because of its great cost. By experiencing the bitterness of death, Jesus Christ paid the price of grace so we could enjoy its sweetness when we accept it by faith.

Which fruit would you rather consume? I would rather take an UGLI® fruit than a rotten fruit, but when comparing the rotten fruit to a sweet fruit, the sweet fruit would be a no-brainer. So it is with grace. There’s no comparison. Try it for yourself and taste the difference today.

Under the system of works nothing is sure. . . . But see the excellence of salvation by grace, for when you reach the ground of faith you are upon terra firma. — C.H. Spurgeon

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.