She couldn’t believe her eyes as she looked out the window. There, sitting in the driveway with a large, red bow atop it was a Magnetite Black Metallic Mercedes-Benz CL600, a German imported car valued at $160,300. Her husband had worked hard to purchase this car for her. She would certainly enjoy it this Christmas — and for many Christmases to come.

Suppose the woman with the new car drove it back to the dealership and traded it in for a 20-year-old, Rust Red (and badly rusting) Ford Escort. There would be no question in your mind she had wasted her husband’s hard-earned money and was living beneath her means.

Such is the case when we dabble in sin. It causes us to waste our money and ruin our lives, forfeiting the blessings we once enjoyed for cheap, second-rate substitutes. Those who know us cannot help but marvel at our voluntary surrender to such empty pleasure.

Every Christian is the recipient of the brilliant, untarnished, eternal gift of salvation. This gift has been purchased through the precious blood of Jesus, whose birth we celebrate this season. Like any gift we receive, salvation may be cherished and appreciated as a treasure, or it may be neglected and abused like a meaningless trinket. What we do with the gift reveals our perception of its value. It will also determine whether our Christmas will be “white” and pure, or soiled by sin.

Do you appreciate the gift-wrapped package which God sent to Earth on the first Christmas? If so, then show your appreciation by having a “white” Christmas. Even during this time of year, there are temptations which would cause us to forfeit God’s blessings. The time you take off work may give you opportunity to indulge in an addiction — and forfeit your joy. The intense marketing during the holiday season may cause you to feel unhappy — so you forfeit your contentment. Daily submit your attitude and actions to the Lord, and you will have a white Christmas.

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.