If they had the time, most kids could put together an A–Z list of everything they want for Christmas. The list might look something like this:

A – Apple iPod Touch/American Girl Doll
B – Battleship/Barbie
C – Clue
D – Dominoes
G – Game Boy
H – Hungry Hungry Hippos
L – Life
M – Microsoft Xbox One
N – Nintendo 3DS Entertainment System
O – Operation
P – Playstation 4
R – Risk
S – Scrabble
T – Twister
U – Uno
V – Video Games

What if we put together an A–Z list for Christmas celebration, rather than Christmas shopping? Here is a partial list one of the dear women from our church has written about who Jesus is to her:

A – Alpha, Almighty, Author, Amen
B – Beginning, Beauty, Beneficial, Benefactor
C – Comfort, Considerate
D – Door, Delightful
E – Eternal
F – Father, Friend
G – Good, Gift, Gracious
H – Hope, Healer
I – Innocent, I Am
J – Jesus, Joy
K – King, Keeper
L – Lord, Lamb, Listener
M – Master, Meaningful
N – Near, Nice, Needed
O – One, Only
P – Prince, Peace
Q – Quick to Forgive
R – Resurrection
S – Special, Super, Savior
T – Truth, Trust, Trinity
U – Understanding
V – Victor
W – Worthy, Wonderful
X – Excellent
Y – Yielding
Z – Zeal, Zest

Christmas is almost here. Have you thought about what Jesus means to you, or are you too busy thinking about what other people are thinking about you? Maybe you’re aiming to please all of your relatives and guests with your cooking, hospitality, or wealth. Where did it come from? If Christ gave it to you, then don’t you think your main goal should be to please Him? It’s easy to lose sight of this in the hustle and bustle of the season; but if we pause and ask ourselves the question, who is Jesus to me? we will keep it all in proper perspective.

Think about it: if Jesus is Lord, then you don’t have to worry about situations that are out of your control. Make your own list of A-B-C’s, and visit it as often as you need to be reminded of who He is.

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder