Things will go wrong. This is as inevitable as breathing, blinking, or a heartbeat. Your flight might be delayed. Your casserole may burn. Your car may not start. Your barber shop may even lose its customers. What should you do? One small-town barber ran a successful haircut enterprise — until a big-name franchise came to town. The franchise quickly stole the barber’s business with its promotion of haircuts for $3. The local barber didn’t know what to do. He couldn’t afford to lower his prices, or he would definitely be put out of business. Desperate for help, he talked with a business consultant. The consultant advised him to hang a sign outside his shop which said, “We fix $3 haircuts.” Business began to boom again, and the bad situation was reversed.

Every bad situation doesn’t have a positive outcome like this. God may allow your business to close. He may force you to forfeit your dreams and desires, causing you to experience
disappointment and heartbreak over the loss. He may allow the nagging family conflict which makes you uncomfortable every time you get together for the holidays. He may even allow you to ruin your Christmas dinner. There is no guarantee circumstances in life cannot go bad. The good news is God often allows bad things to happen to cause better things to happen.

Think about the Christmas Story. God used the inconvenience of an edict which forced Joseph and Mary (who was very pregnant) to travel nearly 95 miles from Nazareth to Bethlehem. He allowed the inn to be full, forcing the weary couple to seek shelter elsewhere. He allowed Jesus to be born at the Tower of the Flock, a place where Temple-grade, sacrificial sheep were kept and inspected. But He did all of these things because He had something better in mind: His Son would be born at the exact time and in the exact place prophecy had foretold. Bad things happened to cause something better to happen.

So before you hang your head in your hands and complain about your misfortune, remember God is still in control. He is still at work. He can still transform your bad circumstances into something wonderful — just wait and see.

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.