He was God’s greatest Gift to mankind, yet He became the greatest Giver. Whenever a multitude gathered to see Jesus, He gave them a message of hope. When people brought their sick friends and family members to Him, He offered His healing touch, which gave them a new lease on life. After a farewell dinner with His disciples, He wrapped a towel about His waist, filled a basin with water, and washed their dirty, smelly feet — He gave them an example of servitude. Hours later, He gave His hands and feet to be nailed to a heavy, wooden cross, where He died — He gave His life. Three days later, His tomb was empty, for He had risen from the dead. Those who believe in Him are guaranteed the forgiveness of all their sins and a home in Heaven, for He gives them eternal life. The Gift is a Giver.

What are we to do with such a precious, priceless Gift? If the Gift holds any value to us, then we should show our appreciation to God, who gave it. He should be foremost in our thoughts as we interact with others and respond to the circumstances of life. The spiritual provisions of this Gift should remind us of God’s ability to address our physical concerns. Finally, those of us who receive this Gift should become givers — if Christ really came into the world and He really died for sinners, then He is worth sharing with others.

2,000 years ago, God’s Gift was given to the world. Has He made a difference in your life yet? He can. Simply put your trust in Jesus Christ, believing that His death on the cross paid for all of your sins. Three days later, He arose from the dead, proving His payment had been accepted by God. This is good news which can change your life. God’s Gift can become the Giver of your eternal life if you accept Him. He can also transform you into a giver — and at what better time than Christmas? Trust in Him today.

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Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.