Consider one of Jonah’s possible excuses for not going to Nineveh when God called him: Why would I need to go to a city that’s already gone down the drain?

If you could have talked to Jonah before he went to Tarshish, this is something he might have said. But if you really look at this excuse, you will see that this is all the more reason to go to Nineveh. Is there anyone who is too far away from God’s reach?

How about Sodom and Gomorrah? Those two cites would have been spared had there been only ten righteous men.

It is not up to us to decide if someone is too far from the grace of God. It is up to that person whether he or she wants to accept Christ. But that person may not know of his or her choice if we don’t speak God’s words.

If Jonah used this excuse, then it is like he was deciding whether or not a city deserved to be saved. That was not supposed to be Jonah’s decision.

We all tend to make excuses when it comes to serving God.

Have you been tempted to run away . . .

  • From your problems?
  • From your home life?
  • From your job?
  • From your church?

Don’t believe the lie that running away from your problems is the solution. Instead, stay and face your problems, knowing that God will help you through them. It is a more difficult way, but in the end, a much better choice.

Though the sky fall, let Thy will be done. – Thomas Browne

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder