Do you want to know what Heaven will be like? Think of the last scene in a movie where the hero and heroine walk off into the sunset and live happily ever after. Think of a city where there are no taxes, no gas and electric bills, and no maintenance costs. Think about a time of perpetual reunions with friends and loved ones with no conflicts, no misunderstandings—and no burnt turkey dinners. Imagine spending eternity in such a place.

The Bible tells us Heaven will be a place free from tears (Isaiah 65:19). You won’t find any boxes of Kleenex there. Our emotions will never get the best of us again. We won’t have to mourn the loss of cherished possessions or dear friends.

We can also look forward to the elimination of cuts, bruises, and all forms of pain (Isaiah 65:25). Never again will a careless or angry word bring offense. Disappointment over failed expectations will never again cut us to the heart. All hostilities will cease. Heaven will be a place where even your cat and canary can live together in peace without a cage dividing them.

One of the greatest attributes of Heaven will be its absence of death. Death marks the finality of life, health, and vigor, and separates the body from the soul and spirit. Heaven will put an end to this dreaded curse once and for all.

Christian, are you excited about Heaven? Then see to it that you bring someone else with you. Live in joyful expectation of the world to come. Meditating upon the glories of Heaven can comfort you in your sufferings and keep you from being distracted by petty things. That’s the way to experience this great place before you get there.

He who thinks most of Heaven will do most for Earth. — Unknown Author

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.