The fickleness of human nature makes us leery of doing anyone a favor. Our kindness is often either forgotten or used against us. Confused, confined to prison on false charges, and emotionally wounded, Joseph could have bitterly refused to assist the king’s imprisoned butler and baker. But he had compassion on them and interpreted their dreams. While the baker was hanged, the butler was released. But this man forgot Joseph’s favor. It had only been three days.

Fast forward two years. . . . Pharaoh summoned the wise men and magicians of Egypt to provide an interpretation for his dreams, but they failed. Now the butler remembered Joseph. Joseph interpreted the dreams and Pharaoh promoted him as governor of Egypt. God had not forgotten His servant.

God’s will done God’s way in His timing will not lack His provision. It may be years before you see God’s will come to pass in your life. You may think God will never provide a mate for you — stay faithful. God may allow disappointments and setbacks on the path to His purpose. You might lose your job, your child might get a life-threatening disease, or like Joseph, someone you trust may let you down. God may even appear to delay His purposes. But He will never forget His plan for you.

Though people fail us, God is ever faithful. Trust Him more in the upcoming New Year to complete the work He’s begun in you.

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.