Harry had to think fast. It was raining as he made his way to church in his sporty two-seater. When he turned onto a street three blocks away from the church, he saw three people he recognized huddling under an umbrella. The first was old Mrs. Fletcher. She was one of the pillars of the church, and everybody loved her for her sweet spirit and servant’s heart. Standing beside her was Dr. Jones, a local practitioner who had saved Harry’s life after diagnosing and treating him for a deadly disease. Then Harry saw Judith, a young, single woman he had always admired, but with whom he had never spoken. What a dilemma. Church would be starting soon. Should he take the older woman, the doctor who saved his life, or the pretty, young woman? What should he do?

With a flash of ingenuity, Harry handed the key for his car to Dr. Jones so he could drive, put Mrs. Fletcher in the passenger seat of the car, and walked in the rain with Judith to the church. That took boldness.

Courage is not the absence of fear, but boldness in the face of fear. Many of us claim to have faith in God, but we are reluctant to act upon that faith in moments of decision. That takes courage. We look to men and women of faith such as David, Daniel, Deborah, Elijah, Esther, and the Apostle Paul and yearn for the boldness which inspired them to do great things for God. They had fears of their own. Their greatness was due to their willingness to trust God to help them do what was right. That’s real courage.

Courage lies at the heart of every spiritual champion. You might not have to fight a giant like David, go in a den of lions like Daniel, or risk your life to save a nation like Esther, but you may face a common dilemma like Harry. Should you start a conversation with someone who may be at odds with you in an effort to make reconciliation? Should you step out of your comfort zone and speak up for your Savior when others misuse His name? Do you believe God can help you do what is right in each situation? Act on your faith, and He will give you the courage you need.

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.