Today’s Scripture: And Nathan said to David, Thou art the man. 2 Samuel 12:7a

Once, there was a married couple sitting at the kitchen table looking out the window. The wife noticed their new neighbor hanging up laundry outside. She then commented to her husband saying, “That woman doesn’t know what she is doing. Look how dirty her laundry looks. She must not be using the right detergent, putting enough softener in, or something like that. She needs help.”

The next day, the same thing happened, and the next week it happened again. The husband just sat there silently, not making a comment, but his wife just went on railing against the neighbor.

One day, the wife looked out and noticed that the laundry looked beautiful. She said with a smile on her face, “Somebody must have helped out that poor woman who didn’t know what she was doing.”

Her husband finally said something. “Dear, I got up early this morning, and I washed our window.”

The husband said, “Enough is enough,” and said what needed to be said to his wife. There is a truth in Scripture that we see over and over again. People who are spiritually minded and following the Lord will have to confront the sin of others at some point in their lives.

Samuel confronted Saul, Nathan confronted David, Peter confronted Ananias and Sapphira, and Paul even confronted Peter. As a local church, we are accountable for one another in the church. We are to edify each other to live for Christ. Sometimes that means we need to confront another because of something that needs to change.

This truth also has a flip side. Sometimes, those who love us will have to confront us. Don’t get all bitter when someone points out something in your life. Remember, it is not easy to confront people. If someone cares enough to lovingly show you where you should grow in your Christian life, thank them and learn from the confrontation. That is an important part of having godly friends. Don’t miss out on the blessing that a confrontation can give you; learn from it and grow closer to God.

Devotional by Jim Scudder Jr.