The pools of water in a mirage may appear clearer and more inviting than those of a stream, but only the stream’s water can quench our thirst. Weary and famished, a group of soldiers followed their guide through the desert in desperate search for water. One of the soldiers spotted a spring ahead and rushed towards it. The guide stopped him and said, “It is only a mirage. Follow me, and I will lead you to a spring of pure water.”

The disoriented soldier pushed the guide away and continued ahead. The other soldiers followed, and the guide vainly tried to stop them. In the resulting tumult, the troops killed the guide. Now they could all see the spring ahead . . . but it did not get any closer as they trudged on. The desert’s heat sapped their strength until finally they collapsed and died. As the guide had said, the spring of water was a mirage. Had they only followed his advice, they would have survived.

Many in this world are spiritually thirsty, but they have found nothing to quench their thirst. They have pursued the waters of pleasure, success, fame, and fortune; but they have been chasing a mirage without the Living Water Christ offers. It is our moral obligation to guide these people to the Living Water, whatever the cost.

There are people in your sphere of influence whom I will never be able to reach with the gospel. They may be neighbors, relatives, co-workers, or close friends. Do you care for their souls? Then I hope you will take the opportunity to lead them to the Living Water. Some will resist you; some will attack you; some will attempt to discredit you; but others will follow you and drink from the spring of eternal life. Be a faithful guide today: your labor is not in vain.


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Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.