Today’s Scripture: Give ear to my words, O┬áLORD, consider my meditation. Hearken unto the voice of my cry, my King, and my God: for unto thee will I pray. Psalm 5:1-2

As parents, have your children ever asked for something that you knew you shouldn’t give them? Whether it was the extra-large ice cream cone or king-size candy bar, the new toy they want, or a pet, you realize what they want is not something they can handle or need. You know they don’t need a king-sized candy bar when you go through the checkout line or that a small ice cream would be more than sufficient. Although you hear their cries for the things they desire, you know it would be better not to give them.

However, good parents will also make sure to provide for their children. We will do everything in our power to provide food, clothing, and shelter. We do not wish to see our children suffer and will provide for their needs.

As God’s children, we need to remember God will provide for us. Yet, many times we ask for things that are not good for us. God is not going to give us something we are asking for if it will destroy us, but if we truly need something, He will always provide it. When a situation comes to the point where it will hurt us, it will always be answered. Even if it seems hopeless, God will intervene on our behalf. That’s not to say that God will never allow things that will cause us pain or never ask us to give our lives in service to Him-the apostles were all persecuted and most died for Christ, but God was with them through it all and used their deaths for His glory.

God will always answer our prayers if they are in His will. However, He rarely answers our prayers the way we ask or exactly when we want them to be answered. He knows what is good for us and what will cause us harm. Though we may only see the benefit of the things we ask for, God knows the end result.

No, God doesn’t answer every prayer, but that is only because we ask for the wrong things. We are told in James that we have not because we ask amiss (James 4:3). We ask for some things simply to satisfy our flesh. Let’s remember that God will take care of us and learn to ask for the right things.

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder