From the parting of the Red Sea to the feeding of the five thousand, we read about countless, miraculous works the Lord did for His children. Often, we leave that great God within the pages of Scripture and replace Him with a little God who cannot do much in our personal lives. We wonder, does God still work today?

Well, I’m here to tell you I have seen it with my own eyes. Friends, we serve a God like no other — a God who still does great things for those who trust Him. Here at QRBBC we are so excited about what the Lord has done for us this summer. By the grace of God, we have opened Dayspring Bible College’s 2012 Fall Semester on a new, 13.5-acre campus. Surrounded by acres of trails and breathtaking woods, our new campus will allow Dayspring to expand like never before. Already brimming with a record-breaking freshman class, this new blessing from God provides limitless opportunities to train more young people to share the clear gospel all over the world — touching more lives than we could ever imagine.

We have had the blessing of working together as a church family to prepare this campus. We are awed by how the Lord miraculously worked out the many circumstances for us to acquire this property. It is refreshing to see God working in our ministry; and we praise Him for the opportunity to be a part of something that will change lives for eternity, both here and abroad.

Glorifying the God who still works today,

Dr. James A. Scudder