A good church is like a fine French cuisine. France is renowned for its restaurants. The prestigious Michelin Guide annually lists the finest restaurants in France and other regions and rates them according to overall quality. Receiving three stars is the restaurateur’s equivalent of an Academy Award. In 1995, the Chicago Tribune reported another French restaurant, the Auberge de l’Eridan, had gained elite status. What is interesting is the strange path the restaurant’s self-taught chef and owner, Marc Veyrat, took to achieve stardom.

Before Marc made his big break, local hotels would not even hire him as a kitchen apprentice. He has been kicked out of three hotel culinary schools (a fact which should give all of Dayspring Bible College’s culinary students hope) because of his untraditional methods. Every week he gathers Alpine herbs from the mountains such as caraway, cumin, wild thyme, and chenopodium as key ingredients in his recipes.

Marc said, “I know I’m not a traditional chef. I’m a student of nature because before you love cuisine, you have to love the ingredients.”

Before you love a good church, you have to love the ingredients. Prayer, the power of the Holy Spirit, humility, sacrifice, and service are the five essentials every church needs to achieve greatness. But there could be no church without individuals. Individuals like you and I need to demonstrate these qualities in our own lives, and then the church will take on this distinct flavor.

Do you want a church which believes in the power of prayer? Then pray with purpose. Are you seeking a church where the Holy Spirit is leading the pastor and worship leader? Then allow the Spirit to lead and control your thoughts and actions. Are you pursuant of a church which emulates the humility of Christ? Then clothe yourself in Christ’s humility and be a servant to others. Do you want a church where the pastor and members make sacrifices for one another? Then be a selfless, sacrificial person. Do you desire a church which promotes Christian service? Then serve the Lord with enthusiasm. You are the face of your church to others. Would they want a second helping of what you’re serving?

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.