He was obviously proud to call himself a fishing fanatic. He read the latest fishing magazines and used them to purchase the best lures and fishing rods available. He bought a new fishing boat and familiarized himself with fishing technique. But if you looked inside this man’s home, you would not find any trophy fish mounted on a wall in his living room. If you examined his fishing boat, you would not detect the pungent odor of gasoline mixed with lake water. If you probed these apparent contradictions, you would find he never caught a single fish. In fact, his boat never even left the dock. For all of the fishing enthusiast’s zeal, he never put it to use in a practical way.

“Christian enthusiasts” who never serve the Lord or win people to Christ are no different than the excited-but-idle fisherman. Instead of merely reading and hearing the Word of God, we need to be busy doing it. Instead of merely learning how to overcome sin in our lives, we need to take active steps toward victory. Instead of merely studying effective principles for sharing our faith, we need to put them in practice and witness. The world will not be won by seeing our shiny, new Bibles and Christian books. They will not be impressed by our Bible conferences and church functions. They will only be convinced of our authenticity when we “go fishing.”

Are you a spiritual enthusiast? I encourage you to go fishing. Let your light shine at your home, in your workplace, and in your neighborhood. Boldly share the gospel with others. Demonstrate the difference Christ has made in your life by responding in gentleness to others who disagree with you — and then they will see you are a real fisherman, not just a casual fan.

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.