Inconsistency is one of the greatest enemies of religion. When I was a teenager, a woman hired me to take care of her lawn. This job included cutting the grass and weeding. It sounded simple enough, but then the woman threw in a strange restriction: don’t kill any insects. This was part of her Jainist beliefs of non-violence toward all living beings, a belief which sounds noble but is extremely difficult to practice.

While I tried to respect this woman’s beliefs, I noticed she was using an insecticide to spray her roses because of ants and aphids. Apparently she thought it was okay for her to kill them, as long as I didn’t. As a teen, I noticed this double standard. Though I have never considered converting to Jainism or other Eastern religions, the inconsistencies I see in their teachings and practices make me thankful I am a Christian.

Inconsistency robs religion of its credibility. Anyone who sees practices which do not align with the teachings of a religious leader cannot help but question the religion’s authenticity. Unfortunately, many people have used the inconsistencies in the lives of Christians as an excuse for not accepting Christ as their Savior. Given this fact, why should anyone embrace Biblical Christianity instead of other world religions?

Christianity is not based upon my words and testimony (thankfully), but upon Jesus Christ, the Son of God. His life and death were completely consistent with His teaching. What He taught with His lips He sealed with His blood. Honest inquirers will see they can stake their faith upon His assertions. Unlike other religious leaders whose work and teachings perished with them, Jesus cemented the validity of His words through His Resurrection — and they are still true to this day.

In Jesus, you may find steadfast, unchanging truth which will not collapse beneath your weight. Exercise your faith and try His faithfulness today.

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Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.