Ready, set, CATCH! Before the high school boys knew what had happened, I hurled three tennis balls in their direction. The young men were athletes with quick reflexes, but they weren’t quite fast enough. Only one of the three actually caught a tennis ball.

I used this illustration in church to show how we cast our cares upon Christ. We throw every problem, worry, fear, and frustration upon Him just like I threw those tennis balls to the teens. The only difference is, Jesus doesn’t drop anything we throw Him — He catches it every time.

When we take our problems to people, we get the best they can do: people may fall short of our expectations, they may misunderstand our motives, they might share our problems with other people, or they might “drop the ball” altogether. But when we take our problems to God, we get the best He can do: He knows the best way to deal with each situation we bring to Him; He doesn’t tell a soul about our struggles; and He can give us the answers we need, along with His peace.

Take this as a Valentine’s Day token of God’s love for you. He can catch any ball you throw His way. Your anxiety about the future: toss it to Him. Your fears about the outcome of a job interview or health situation: cast them upon Him. Your addictions: put them in His hands. Your anger and bitterness: confess them to Him. God is a great Catch, and He’s ready to take on your toughest problems today.

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder