The engineer had to think fast. 1,500 feet ahead was an approaching locomotive. His daughter had caught her high-topped boot on the railroad track and had only seconds to free herself. 200 feet ahead of the man’s daughter was a switch which would reroute the oncoming train to a track which ran parallel to the other track. However, on this track was a world-famous doctor who had discovered (but not yet published) the cure for cancer. If the engineer rescued his daughter, the doctor would perish and his research would never benefit anyone. If the engineer rescued the doctor, his daughter would perish and he would never see her again this side of eternity. Which should he save? Both choices are plausible.

Let’s change the stakes. Suppose the engineer’s daughter was stuck on one track and a convicted murderer and rapist was trapped on the other. Who would he rescue? Is there any question in your mind? Of course not; the engineer would save his daughter in a heartbeat.

God doesn’t operate according to our conventional wisdom — and I am very thankful for this. God allowed His perfect only begotten Son to die instead of sinners like you and me. This is real love.

If you are ever tempted to believe God doesn’t love you, look no further than the cross. Here you will find tangible proof of the depths of His love for you. Not even your vilest sin can distance you from His love.

Have you ever failed in life — a test, a friend, yourself, your spouse, your boss? At one time or another, we all feel like the criminal awaiting his fate on the railroad tracks, getting the just payment he deserves. God has intervened. His Son died in your place to prove His love, to extend His forgiveness, and to save your soul. Trust Him as your Savior today.

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Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.