I will never forget the day as long as I live. I found out that a man I had a lot of respect for had been having an extramarital affair with someone at the Bible college where he worked. He resigned from his position at the Bible college, and then divorced his wife to marry this other woman. The news took the college by storm. Within 30 minutes of the announcement, some of the students had already packed their bags to leave.

The man who had committed this sin is now in his 90’s. He never tried to enter the ministry again. But even though he cannot serve Christ in the same way, God is still using him. Every day, this man takes 200 tracts and gives them to people. He is a great soul-winner, and God has blessed him.

Yes, God can use fallen Christians. This doesn’t mean there aren’t going to be severe consequences when we sin. If we are involved in sexual sin, we cannot be restored to our former position in the ministry. We can be sure others will be deeply hurt by our sin, and we may lose our credibility. But we can also be certain of God’s forgiveness. The blood of Jesus has paid for all of our sins. No one can ever be disqualified from serving Christ.

If you have never brought dishonor upon yourself because of a great sin, then praise the Lord, for His grace has preserved you. Let the awful consequences of sin keep you from ever taking a step in that direction. But if you have fallen, let God’s promise of forgiveness keep you from wallowing in your guilt and grief. Confess your sins to the Lord — and forsake them — and take advantage of the opportunities He gives you to tell others about His unconditional forgiveness. He can still use you, if you’ll let Him.

They who fain would serve Thee best are conscious most of wrong within. — Henry T. Wells

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder