Christy from Rusk, Texas, has been set free from her doubts and fears of eternity.

Christy called Victory In Grace to order our 2011 Fear Not Calendar. She spoke with Cameron, one of our operators, who asked if she knew for sure she was going to Heaven. In answer to Cameron’s question, Christy replied:

I don’t think anybody can know for sure they’re going to Heaven. I try my best. I’ve grown up in church. Every day I ask forgiveness for my sins — I’m doing the best I can. I hope I would make it.

Using Romans 3:23 and 6:23, Cameron shared with Christy how she could know for sure. Finally, everything made sense to her. Christy trusted Christ, and — for the first time — was released from the doubts that held her captive.

Christy is now forever free from fear because she knows salvation is only through the shed blood of Jesus Christ. The nails that held Him to Calvary’s cross set her free for all eternity.

Article by Stephanie Scialabba