Today’s Scripture: And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. MarkĀ 16:15

They had all seen countless thousands healed. They had seen people from all walks of life come find healing by His words, touch, and even His garments. People flocked to see Him, and He was so full of compassion and mercy that He healed them all. They had seen the lives of so many people changed through His ministry, and now, He was dead.

As the apostles were gathered together in Jerusalem, Mary Magdalene, and then the disciples on the road to Emmaus had told them that He was risen from the dead, but they didn’t believe them. Christ then appeared to them, rebuked them for their unbelief, and gave them the commandment to go into all the world and preach the gospel.

The most wondrous thing had just happened – salvation had been provided. Christ had risen as proof that death had been defeated. How could they not tell the world? They had seen so many blind men become able to see, so many crippled people walk, so many lepers cleansed, etc., and what was their first reaction? To glorify God and tell others what had happened. But unlike those healings, this wasn’t a just a body being made whole; this was eternal life for a world dead in trespasses and sins.

The disciples must have had such enthusiasm as they told everyone they could the glorious news of the Gospel. Shouldn’t we have that excitement, too? God has done the same thing for us that He did for them. God has given the commandment to go and preach the gospel so that we are without excuse. Not only should it be our natural desire to tell others what has happened to us, we also have a command just in case we need it.

So many people are ignoring this command, even though, when Christ healed people and told them not to say anything, they couldn’t do it – they had to tell others. God has done far more for you than heal your body, so whether God calls you to reach your neighborhood or travel the globe, get out there and share the message.

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.