Today’s Scripture: Behold, this day thine eyes have seen how that the LORD had delivered thee to day into mine hand in the cave: and some bade me kill thee: but mine eye spared thee; and I said, I will not put forth mine hand against my lord; for he is the LORD’S anointed. 1 Samuel 24:10

There was a man who was in the Navy. This man did not always want to obey orders. He never had a good attitude about any orders. His superior came to him and said, “Young man, I am going give you a hint. This is something I do when somebody gives me an order that I don’t necessarily agree with. What you do is smile, salute, and say, ‘Yes Sir,’ while you’re thinking, ‘You’re an idiot.’”

The young man thought for a moment, smiled broadly, saluted, and said, “Yes Sir.”

There are a lot of folks who have this kind of an attitude. They do not want to submit to authority in the church, home, school, work, or government. The Bible says a lot about the attitude of rebellion.

David understood the importance of submission. He knew that God had anointed King Saul, and David would not hurt Saul when he had the chance. Saul was literally trying to kill David, but David still respected Saul’s position.

We must be people who obey and respect those in authority over us. When the government tells you to pay taxes, you ought to be submissive. God will get the glory. If a pastor asks you to help out with an outreach, be submissive, and God will get the glory. If your boss tells you to do a job that you can’t stand, be submissive, and God will get the glory. The same is to be said about wives submitting to husbands, kids submitting to parents, and students submitting to teachers.

How do you treat God’s anointed?

Devotional by Jim Scudder Jr.