Today’s Scripture: The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life; and he that winneth souls is wise. Proverbs¬†11:30

Jesus died for bus drivers. The question is, how could I convince my hotel bus driver of this truth? As I took a hotel shuttle to a convention for a few days, I tried to think of how I could win the driver to Christ. After talking with him, I found that he was very proud to work for the hotel. I listened and noticed he had a good, strong voice. Then I complimented him: “Hey, you have a good voice. Have you ever thought of using it professionally?”

After this conversation, I gained the bus driver’s trust. When I shared the gospel with him, he was very open to the truth.

When we gain favorable attention from people, it’s a lot easier to talk to them about spiritual things. Tom Burns, a Christian and former salesman, offers some timely advice in his article, “Pay Attention and Gain Favorable Attention!”: “. . . Many who try to sell something come on too fast and too strong at the beginning. Why can’t we sell a great product? Maybe because we abruptly launch into our presentations before the prospect is ready to listen. Why can’t we more successfully proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ? Maybe because in our zeal, we proclaim before a person is ready to listen.”

People will be ready to listen when we show them how much we care. They’ll know how much we care when we take a genuine interest in them. Ask them how they’re doing. Learn about their interests. Talk with them about their families. Build a relationship with them.

Maybe it’s hard for you to start a conversation with a stranger. Perhaps you are a shy person, and talking to other people is difficult. Everyone might not be comfortable with talking, but everyone can show they care. Gain favorable attention by showing others in your workplace, neighborhood, school, and favorite restaurant how much you care. Through your kindness, you are introducing them to the greatest news in the world.

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder