Life is filled with questions which need to be answered. Just ask Joseph.

Joseph was used to being asked numerous questions in the kitchen. After working for a catering company which served food for an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico, he was well-prepared to provide culinary answers. But he was soon to be confronted with a different kind of question for which he had no answer.

One afternoon, Joseph had some downtime and decided to tune in to Victory In  Grace. His heart was touched as he listened to Dr. Scudder’s message.

When the program ended, he called Victory In Grace for our free offer — the “God’s Promises” poster. After the operator asked him for his address and phone number, he presented Joseph with a far more important question.

When asked if he knew for sure he was going to spend eternity in Heaven, Joseph went quiet and said he honestly did not know. The operator shared with him how he simply had to place his trust in Christ to receive the free gift of salvation.

A few minutes later, Joseph was very excited. He had placed his trust in Christ and now knows the answer to the most important question of all.