Today’s Scripture: For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in him. 2 Corinthians 5:21

One summer morning when I was 17, I was doing survey work in the middle of Second Street in Glenwood, Arkansas. Wearing an orange vest with our business name embroidered on the back, surrounded by safety cones, I motioned traffic around me with my bright-colored field book as I turned angles and measured distances.

I glanced up to see a lady driver with curly hair, slow down and gesture questioningly if she could go around me on the left. I checked traffic from the other direction, shrugged and motioned her around me.

After work that day, my brother and I headed down to get a bite to eat.  In a booth, I noticed the lady from earlier in the day. I smiled and said, “You’re the lady who almost killed me today!” She laughed and introduced me to her husband and two boys. My brother and I sat down and ate with this nice family. It wasn’t long until I learned they had moved to our town to start a church.

As I polished off my burger, the pastor asked if anyone had ever shown us how we could know for sure we had eternal life. He proceeded to use his wallet to illustrate the Gospel. He said, “The moment you trust the payment Christ made for you, you can know for sure you have eternal life.”

It hit me that if what he said was true, I would need to say no to the college scholarships I had been offered. I would need to devote my life to telling others that Good News.  I had been taught my whole life that if I were good enough, I would maybe make it to heaven. Problem was, I knew I wasn’t very good.  I was worried. What this pastor said, if it was true, was revolutionary to me. I had attended dozens of churches over the years, and no pastor had told me this truth. I realized in an instant that if I could know for sure I had eternal life, I would spend my life telling others they too could spend their eternity in Heaven.

Are you at a similar crossroads in your life? You have been going about your business and all of the sudden, you feel God has intervened? Go to the Lord and ask Him to continue showing you His direction. I guarantee you that He will answer just as He did for me.

Devotional by Pastor Neal Dearyan