Today’s Scripture: When thou saidst, Seek ye my face; my heart said unto thee, Thy face, Lord, will I seek. Psalm 27:8

I have a question that I want to ask you today: When you feel that your relationship with God is dry and unfulfilling, is it always your fault? In our human minds, we process that there are two sides to every story, two people present in every argument, and two people necessary for every relationship. When it feels as though there is a great divide between us and the ones we love, it unsettles us, hopefully to the point where we desire to step up and take care of whatever is standing in the way.

There are times in our Christian life when we feel this way with God. Although He will not always feel as present in our lives as He does when we are going through a trial, we should try to constantly maintain a state of open communion with Him. When God seems distant, we tend to revert to thinking that He is not watching or that He does not care anymore-that we are no longer as special to Him as when we first trusted Him.

That way of thinking could not be any further from the truth. We are never any more or less precious to God. Our perspective must stay constant and focused on Him. When things do not feel right between us and the Lord, it is always our fault. Why? Because we serve a Savior Who paid the price for all of our sin when we were the vilest of undeserving sinners. He is perfect and holy. In fact, He is Love itself. If we don’t do right, it is always our fault. If you love Him, you will be a better husband, wife, mom, or dad. Stay close to Christ; He has given us a way.

In our immaturity, we shake our fist at Him rather than seeking how we can bring Him more glory through whatever situation He has called us to face. We are in perilous times. We face opposition from the world, its demands, expectations, and pressure every day, and it is easy to lose sight of drawing close to God. When we draw near to Him, He will, in turn, draw close to us. We need to be actively seeking Him as we would daily seek out the ones we love here on earth. A marriage is no better than the individuals in it. The same is true of our relationship with Christ. He is the bridegroom, and we are the bride. Our relationship with Him is one that we should treasure. He is always doing so much for us, but what are we really doing for Him? We go about our day seeking our own monetary gain, satisfaction, and preservation, and occasionally, when it crosses our minds, we do something that we deem pleasing to the Lord. Shouldn’t we be trying to do so much more for the One Whom our souls love most? Today, tell the Lord, “I want to love you just as much as the day I first got saved.”

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder