Today’s Scripture: Be still, and know that I am God… Psalm¬†46:10a

There are seasons in life when we wake up in the morning and feel as though all of the wind has been taken out of our sails. Our feet hit the floor, and we just wish something good would happen in our lives. Things feel a little overwhelming, and we can’t help but wonder why. It is like being caught in the doldrums.

For thousands of years, the pacific doldrums have been feared by seafarers. A total calm that lasts for days causes the ocean to be as flat as a lake, not a single wave on it. For those of us that don’t know any better that sounds relaxing. Turns out, it is just the opposite. In these conditions, fishermen cannot catch fish because without the waves, the fish can clearly see the net or hook and line. Instead, the creatures die and float to the top causing a rotten stink that permeates for miles. It becomes so smelly that you can hardly breathe and without a change in the wind there is no way to escape it.

Usually, God keeps the ocean in motion to keep things¬†fresh-just like He does in our Christian lives. But, there are periods of time when we go through a hardship that seems like it will never end. Loneliness, discouragement, frustration, anxiety-situations that cause these emotions are meant for our good. We may become stronger and wiser by enduring them even though we feel like we are stuck drifting in the doldrums. Really, those difficulties are more meaningful than you and I could ever understand because if we do not have some hardship or catastrophe…if nothing has ever gone wrong in our lives, we will not know Who God is to us personally.

Your only crisis today may be that you feel lost in the middle of a sea of people and have no clue what to do next with your life. Maybe you have endured one smelly situation after another and just want a breath of fresh air from the trials. God is working on you, drawing you closer to Himself and trying to get to your heart. Will you let Him have His way, or do you need to continue to sit in the doldrums of life? Only He can command the wind back into your sails. Things may get a little fishy before they get better, and it may feel like life has got you down hook, line, and stinker. But, if you let the Savior pilot your ship, He will pull you through in His time. Be still, and know that He is God and He is in control.

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder