A good house cleaner has a keen eye for dust. She refuses to cut corners and sweep it under the rug. Instead, she confronts the harmful allergens and removes them. The same is true in effective leadership. Confrontation is the last thing any leader wants to do, but it is the first thing he must do to resolve a problem with someone under his supervision.

After King Saul blatantly disregarded God’s commandment at Gilgal, it was Samuel’s responsibility to confront him. God chose Saul for this position, but Saul disqualified himself from his office by his poor judgment.

It was not an easy thing for Samuel to expose Saul’s sin. But Samuel did it because Saul had violated the Lord’s commandment. His disobedience was a poor testimony to the people under his leadership. The wrong had to be addressed, lest they be led astray.

If a leader intentionally overlooks sin, he is sweeping it beneath a rug. The result will eventually cause him to stumble. When your children are disrespectful, how do you address the problem? A friend makes an off-color statement that has everyone laughing — everyone but you. Will you care enough to confront their sin?

Don’t look for confrontation. But when it’s necessary, don’t hesitate to take action. Pray that God would grant you the spirit of meekness. Speak the truth in love. If confrontation is handled properly, sin will be addressed — and you’ll have a lump-free rug.

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.