reaching-the-world“The Sinner’s Prayer — did it really cover all of my sins? What if I left some out? Maybe I am not really saved after all. How can I know?” These thoughts plague the minds of countless people like Yisleta from Yoakum, Texas.

One day Yisleta called Victory In Grace, and one of our operators asked her if she knew where she would spend eternity. Yisleta shared that she prayed the Sinner’s Prayer, but was not sure she was saved. At that point the operator asked, “Wouldn’t you like to be 100% sure?”

“Sure, I think anyone would,” she replied.

Our operator used an everyday illustration of grocery store shopping to explain how Jesus paid for Yisleta’s sins. For the first time, she understood the meaning of salvation and eternal security.

Our operator asked once again, “So are you 100% sure that if you died today you would go to Heaven?”

Yisleta replied, “Yes, because Jesus took my sins away. I don’t think I have ever had it taught to me like that before.”

Perhaps you are unsure whether or not you are going to Heaven. You can know that you know. The full payment has been made. Place your trust in Christ today.

Article by Stephanie Scialabba