Today’s Scripture: Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O Lord, my strength, and my redeemer. PsalmĀ 19:14

Almost everybody has a favorite hymn that encourages them and ministers to them in a special way…for example:

  • The Dentist’s hymn: Crown Him with MANY Crowns
  • The Meteorologist’s hymn: There May Be Showers of Blessing
  • The Tailor’s hymn: Holey, Holey, Holey
  • The Contractor’s hymn: How Firm a Foundation
  • The Golfer’s hymn: There’s a Green Hill
  • The Politician’s hymn: Standing On the Promises
  • The Optometrist’s hymn: Open My Eyes
  • The Tax Collector’s hymn: I Surrender All
  • The Electrician’s Hymn: Send the Light
  • The Shopper’s hymn: In The Sweet “Buy and Buy”
  • The Therapist’s hymn: He Touched Me
  • There are even appropriate hymns for Truckers which vary according to their speed: at 75mph-God Will Take Care of You, at 85mph-Nearer My God to Thee, at 95mph-Lord I’m Coming Home…at 100mph-Precious Memories.

Well then, what should be the layman’s hymn? I think it should be “Set My Soul Afire”. A lot of churches are trying to set that fire but are doing it in all the wrong ways-most often beginning with their music. Instead of setting a spiritual fire, they start a wildfire that runs rampant over their entire service. It becomes about having a seeker-friendly, rocky church band to make people feel more at home. The songs begin to be chosen for their beat rather than their doctrinal truth. Now, I don’t believe in being a fuddy-duddy and having music that puts you to sleep. There needs to be excitement, but only the kind that brings our hearts and minds back to Jesus and prepares us for worship. In order to do this, there must be some form of separation. The fire needs to stay in the fireplace, not set loose in a field with zero boundaries. Without standards, you can’t reach the world because you will be too busy partying in it.

No matter what function you serve in the church service, whether you are a musician or a member of the congregation, make sure those hymns are really for Him and not for you. It shouldn’t be about how nice your wind-pipes are or how intricate the melody is. We have a voice and the ability to make music for only one purpose-God’s glory. Don’t let a wildfire quench the real fire. Resolve, with God’s help, to be the kind of person that everything you do is on fire with the purpose of saving the lost.