Today’s Scripture: If it had not been the LORD who was on our side,… Psalm¬†124:1a

As King David was praising God for all He had done, he reflected on where Israel would be without God on their side. Besides the fact that without God calling Abram Israel would have never become a nation, he examined what would have happened to Israel without the hand of God.

David recognized that Israel was only saved because of God. If we look at some of the incredible things God did for them, we will see that Israel’s only hope was in Jehovah. God performed the plagues to free them from Egypt. God led them across the Red Sea on dry ground and then drowned the Egyptian army behind them. God led them through the wilderness and helped them conquer the Promised Land. When Israel had fallen into sin and was conquered by enemy nations, God provided judges to set them free. When Israel had gone to war against superior military might, God had protected them and given them the victory. We can plainly see that Israel would have been annihilated without God’s hand of protection.

Have you ever stopped to wonder where you would be without God? We might not know exactly where we would be, but I can tell you that we would be lost, destined for Hell, and without hope. But even apart from our salvation, our earthly lives would be in ruins. Think of all the people you know who haven’t trusted Christ as their Savior. They go through life without the knowledge that God is with them. They don’t have a Friend to lean on during the dark times or a promise of all things working for good.¬† They don’t have His strength to draw from when their strength is gone. They face their problems alone.

Let’s not forget all that God has done for us. First and foremost, He loves us and died for us, but He is also with us each and every day. He provides for our needs, and we can trust His promises. We can come to Him with our problems and know He cares. Let’s thank God today for being on our side.

Devotional by Dr.James A. Scudder