Mother and daughter, Tina and Becky Maloney, recently returned from our India mission trip. When asked what touched their hearts most about the experience, this was their reply:
Tina: “Talking with the seminary students was definitely the highlight of my trip. When I asked them, ‘What is your favorite Bible verse?’ most replied, ‘John 3:16.’ It is clear to see their perspective is worldwide when they quote: ‘For God so loved the world.’

“They care so much about sharing God’s light with the world they are willing to risk their lives…Despite their oppression and poverty, the people of India are giving God their all. It is my desire to do the same.”

Becky shared, “What touched me most was that when the seminary students go home for the summer, they may not live long enough to come back to school…

“Most of their families no longer recognize them as family. So instead, the students are thankful for their Christian family – seeing that makes me want to support them even more.

“Every college student I talked to told me they would be praying for me. I could see the sincerity in their eyes. It reminded me that I should be the one praying for them because they have to endure persecution. They need our prayers.”