Today’s Scripture: And the child Samuel grew on, and was in favour both with the LORD, and also with men. 1 Samuel 2:26

A young couple had brought their first baby home from the hospital. The wife thought it would be a really good idea for the dad to learn how to change a diaper. The dad said, “You know, maybe the next one.”

The wife thought that was fine, so later that day, there was another diaper to change. She called her husband in to change the diaper, and he said, “No, I didn’t mean the next diaper, I meant the next child!”

Though Eli the High Priest had failed miserably in raising his sons, it seems he was doing a good job with Samuel. Samuel was dedicated to God and was raised in the house of the Tabernacle, but he was not Eli’s son. Just as Eli’s adult sons were wicked, Samuel turned out good.

Why did they turn out so bad? We really do not know because the Bible does not tell us. One thing that might have been a cause was that Eli was so busy as the High Priest that he did not show them enough attention. Perhaps he was too engrossed with the weight of his job as he was guiding the nation as the person between the people and God.

I do not know that to be a fact, but I do know that what your children want more from you than anything is attention. They want you to notice them. They want you to be genuinely interested in them and talk to them.

Another possible reason is perhaps Eli was not showing reality in his life. Scripture indicates that he seemed to be a moral man. However, it is very easy, when you are involved in doing God’s work, to make it more about an occupation or living rather than a ministry.

I do not know why Eli’s sons went astray, but it is a warning for us all. Let each of us take heed and invest in our children and grandchildren so that they may serve the Lord.

Devotional by Jim Scudder, Jr.