Do you really believe God can do anything? A man from my alma mater believed this. He went to a faith healer’s meeting expecting a miracle. As he stood in line waiting for the healing power which would change his life, he heard a voice: “You can’t be healed. You’re quenching the Spirit.”

Was my friend dreaming? No. The faith healer was talking to him — and turning him away. The faith healer wouldn’t even pray for him because he claimed he didn’t have “enough” faith.

The real reason my friend had been turned away was because the faith healer saw that he only had one hand. The faith healer knew he didn’t have the power to heal, and he didn’t want to be labeled a phony.

God has no such problems. He can do anything. If He wanted to, He could have caused my friend to grow a new hand. But He didn’t. It wasn’t because he didn’t have enough faith or he was quenching the Spirit. God simply had a greater purpose for him without his hand than He did with it.

God is not to blame when we face disappointments in life. He’s not the reason our problems are not instantly solved or our desires are not instantly given to us. No matter what He chooses to do in and through our lives and circumstances, He wants us to trust that His way is best.

It takes a lot of faith to say we believe God can do anything. This means we accept that He has the ability to change our circumstances in our favor; it also means we believe He is able to accomplish His purpose by leaving them the way they are. So before you give up on your search for a marriage partner, before you give up on your marriage, before you accept defeat in your housing situation, your job search, or your financial struggles, remind yourself that God is able. Trust Him to do what is best in your life today.

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder