Faith can see the hand of God in the bleakest of circumstances. Joseph was cast into a dirty pit by his brothers. He was sold into slavery. He was falsely accused of immorality and thrown in prison. Still, he believed God was in control. God rewarded his faith and promoted him as governor over Egypt. God was with him, and He worked everything out for the good.

Joseph could have been discouraged at his circumstances. He could have become mad at God for making him suffer. He could have sulked and pouted as he did his chores at Potiphar’s house. He could have withdrawn into a corner of the prison and isolated himself from everyone. But he remembered God was in control. You may find yourself in trying circumstances through no fault of your own. Remember God is in control.

Later, when given an opportunity to avenge his brothers for their cruelty, Joseph remembered God was still in control. His compassionate response revealed the depth of his faith in God. How much do you trust Him? Do you believe He’s still in control when your car breaks down, when your marriage is struggling, or when your best friend turns on you? Put your faith to practice so the world can see the greatness of your God.

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.