Today’s Scripture: And Isaac said unto Jacob, Come near, I pray thee, that I may feel thee, my son, whether thou be my very son Esau or not. And Jacob went near unto Isaac his father; and he felt him, and said, The voice is Jacob’s voice, but the hands are the hands of Esau. And he discerned him not, because his hands were hairy, as his brother Esau’s hands: so he blessed him. GenesisĀ 27:21-23

A bad case of family favoritism quickly degenerated into a family feud. Two children received special favor from opposing parents-Esau from his father, and Jacob from his mother. Isaac planned to bestow his blessing upon Esau. But Rebekah determined to stop at nothing to ensure her beloved son, Jacob, would receive God’s promised blessing.

While Esau was out hunting, Rebekah and Jacob schemed to steal his blessing. Rebekah’s plan worked. With her fresh goat stew and sheared goatskin, Jacob deceived his father. But Jacob and Rebekah were not the only ones at fault. Notice how Isaac’s deception transpired.

Because his eyesight was failing, Isaac relied upon the senses of touch and smell. Isaac discerned Jacob’s voice, but the texture of Jacob’s goatskin-covered hands and neck along with the smell of the field on his clothing convinced Isaac that Esau stood before him. Never once did Isaac inquire of the Lord. He trusted his feelings rather than seeking God.

We tend to trust our senses in the selection of a mate-they look attractive-or of a new car-its leather seats smell great. But it takes more than mere senses to discern spiritual matters-Is that potential partner spiritual? Is purchasing that new vehicle wise management of God’s money? Our senses make terrible guides in spiritual matters. Play it safe, and seek God’s counsel you’ll avoid an embarrassing slipup.

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.