It’s something we should never seek, yet something few people give anymore. I’m not referring to fame, money, or prestige, but applause. Last month, we had our annual Christmas Pageant. Thousands came to watch the dramatic musical presentation. Along with the crowd of guests, we were pleased to have in attendance a large camel, a donkey, a horse, and a few goats. But one guest showed up uninvited. It was a baby mosquito.

The baby mosquito had asked her mother if she could come to the pageant, but her mother told her it was not a good idea. The little mosquito was stubborn and buzzed off in a huff. She was going to go no matter what Mom said. As she flew out the door, she did not hear her mother’s grave warning – “Watch out for the applause. It will kill you every time!” And it did.

Applause can only kill you if you seek it. But it won’t kill you to give it to someone deserving. I feel it’s a wonderful way to honor God.

God loves it when we show our adoration to Him—and it doesn’t just have to be with our hands. Our minds can concentrate upon His goodness. Our lips can sing His praises. And we can radiate our adoring hearts through lives of faithful obedience to Him.

But God also allows us to show honor toward others. This honors God if you are demonstrating appreciation to godly people like pastors, teachers, and parents. They need all the encouragement we can give. When we take time to applaud these people, we give them the support they need to keep up the good work and honor God whom they are pleasing by their dedication to Him.

God cares if we applaud. After you praise Him, think of another person whose work you can applaud, and take time to encourage them today.

Patting a fellow on the back is the best way to get a chip off his shoulder. — Unknown Author

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.