If God could save Saul of Tarsus, He can save anyone. This man persecuted the Church of God, imprisoning men and women for their faith in Christ. Saul was the main catalyst behind the dispersion of Christians throughout Judea and Samaria. Just the mention of his name stirred fear in the hearts of believers. Then, Saul saw a blinding light and had a life-changing conversation with Jesus. Instantly, he was transformed into a dedicated follower of Christ. God later used him to write much of the New Testament.

But Saul didn’t become the man we read about in the Epistles overnight. He spent three years in the Arabian desert learning Who Jesus was, who he was, and what Christ wanted him to do. He needed B.I.D. time, that is, Backside In the Desert time, to grow into the mature and successful Christian he became. The solitude of the desert prepared Saul for the rigors he would face in ministry.

Saul’s story should be an encouragement to every new Christian. God can use you to do great things for His Kingdom. But it will take time to grow. Don’t ever discount the difficulties you experience as you learn God’s purpose for your life. They are vital to your spiritual maturity, and are instrumental in preparing you for the work God has in store for you. You have to get your B.I.D. before you can succeed.

Maybe you are a new Christian. I challenge you to take quiet time with God very seriously, for this is the means by which you will learn and grow. Through the reading of God’s Word, you will learn Who He is. By studying its promises, you will learn who you are in Him. And by meditating upon its truths, you will learn how to apply them to the special task He wants you to accomplish for Him.

If you want to spiritually succeed, get your B.I.D. today.

Spiritual growth consists most in the growth of the root, which is out of sight. — Matthew Henry

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.