What works faster than a speeding dolphin, is more powerful than a tiger shark, and is able to swim underwater for extremely long periods of time? Look! Down in the water—It’s a torpedo . . . It’s a whirlpool . . . It’s the Navy SEALS. This elite group specializes in sea, air, and land operations for the United States Navy. If you think it would be exciting to do some of the things the SEALS get to do, consider what it takes to become one.

Among the basic training requirements is the completion of “Drown Proofing.” Potential SEALS have their hands and feet tied, and then they are thrown into a nine-foot pool. They must bob in the water for five minutes, float for five minutes, swim 100 meters, bob for two minutes, do forward and backward flips, swim to the bottom of the pool to retrieve an object with their teeth, return to the surface, and bob for five more minutes.

I want to tell you about someone who possesses far greater power than any trained military officer will ever have, and that is a saint on his knees. I can’t really explain it, but the person who prays has power to move God. It is for this reason prayer should become part of our daily routines. We should pray as we perform our daily tasks, as we observe the beauty of Creation, and on behalf of others. Prayer should be a way of life.

Christian, you will know nothing of the power of God in your life until you pray. Trust me, it’s more effective than a Navy SEAL. Get started today.

Prayer is the secret of power. — Evan Roberts

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.