If you knew a lost person had five minutes left to live before they entered eternity, what would you tell them? Would it make any difference how famous or important they were?

The Scottish preacher, Robert Murray M’Cheyne, was passing out gospel tracts one day, when he came to a well-dressed woman. She gave him a haunting look and said, “Sir, you must not know who I am.”

Robert answered, “There is a coming day of judgment, and it will not make any difference.”

If we had this perspective as we shared our faith with others, we wouldn’t be intimidated by their wealth or social status. Whether a person is the company’s CEO or a next-door neighbor, they need to hear the gospel. There is coming a day of judgment, and it won’t make any difference to God who they were on Earth. As God’s representatives to the world, it’s our responsibility to share the good news with everyone we can.

You may know some people in high places who need to hear the gospel. God could be calling you to reach them for Christ. Your boss, your landlord, a local business owner, your personal banker, your lawyer, your doctor — do you think it’s a mistake that God has put these people in your life? Of course not. There is coming a day of judgment, and God will not judge these people on the basis of their occupation or income. He sees them as sinners who deserve to pay the penalty for missing His mark. You may be the only one standing between them and an eternity in Hell. Let this be a challenge for you to faithfully share Christ, no matter who is on the receiving end.

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Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder