If there was a way basketball teams could only play the last two minutes of the game, I’d be an avid fan. Most of what happens before the two-minute mark usually isn’t very exciting. But I’ve seen some great basketball played in the last few seconds. Why? Because the clock is about to run out, and the athletes are playing with urgency. Every possession counts. They want to capitalize on every shot, rebound, and turnover so their team will come out on top.

We can compare the Christian life to a basketball game. The only difference is we don’t know how much time is on the clock. This means the “game” could be over any second. There’s a sense of urgency the imminent Rapture brings to our existence. This begs the question: what are we doing for Christ today?

Every witnessing opportunity, every opportunity to extend grace, forgiveness, and friendship to others—these are all significant factors which influence the outcome of the game. It’s not salvation but rewards which are at stake here.

Are you playing like there’s only seconds left? Or are you taking a casual approach to the game as if there’s still plenty of time? Can your family, friends, and co-workers sense Christ is the only thing that matters to you? Follow hard after Christ by plunging into His Word, meditating upon its truths, and putting them in practice to improve your “game.” Time is short. Finish strong today.

The man on top of the mountain did not fall there. — Unknown Author

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.