How could anyone get out of bed in the morning without hope? 2011 brought wars, economic instability, corporate layoffs, natural disasters, another recession, and death. That’s right—death visited nearly 60 million people around the world last year. Among those who died were chief executives, actors, actresses, corporate founders, politicians, athletes, doctors, lawyers, and common, everyday people. The sobering reality is that this year could be our turn.

Death is no respecter of persons. Even though a man’s life expectancy is about 70 years, the odds of living are no better for younger people. I’ll never forget talking to a room full of young ladies during a rally at a volleyball tournament. As I spoke to them about the brevity of life, suddenly one of the girls began to gasp and choke. This continued for a few awkward moments until someone gave the girl some water. She survived the emergency, and God used it to capture the others’ attention so I could invite them to trust in Christ.

An absence of hope makes it very difficult to attempt anything in life. The nagging fear of death would be overwhelming. But when a person has hope anchored in Christ, not even death itself can intimidate him. The Christian has a confident expectation that, circumstances notwithstanding, God is with him to the very end. He realizes that the worst thing that could happen is for him to die and spend eternity in Heaven. That’s what hope will do for you.

As you delve into 2012, do you have hope in Jesus Christ? If you don’t, then put your trust in Him today.

I’ve got hope. How about you?

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Until our Master summons us, not a hair on our head can perish, not a moment of our life can be snatched from us. When He sends for us, it should seem but the message that the child is wanted at home. — Anthony Thorold

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.