God cares about our prayers. In Revelation 6, we see an interesting sequence of events unfold. Christ, the Lamb of God, opens a series of seals unleashing the judgment of God upon the earth. After the opening of the fifth seal, a unique prayer is recorded for us.  It is the prayer of martyrs who have shed their blood for the cause of Christ.

The martyrs’ prayer is called an imprecatory prayer, which means it was a prayer calling for God to avenge those who dishonored Him. It was not revenge which these martyrs sought. Instead, their prayer was a protest against the sinfulness that was rampant in the world. Their request was not denied.

Prayer is far more than a spiritual exercise. The martyrs did not adopt the casual attitude that God was going to do what He wanted to do regardless, so why bother praying. Their prayer was intended to move the hand of God. The judgment which follows proves it did just that. This doesn’t mean God will always answer our prayers according to our desires. It does, however, mean that our prayers hold great power.

Do you view prayer as merely a formality, a ritual, or a good luck charm? I challenge you to rethink your views in light of the Biblical evidence. Prayer is one of your greatest assets in the Christian life. Ask in faith and in accordance with God’s will, and your knee-work will be rewarded.

Prayer moves the hand that moves the world. — Unknown Author

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.